• Direct Deposit
    • Time is precious and no one likes to stand in teller lines, no matter how fast the service! Direct Deposit is the answer for hundreds of Walker County Federal Credit Union members. It's a fast, reliable, and extremely safe way to transact your business with the credit union. Walker County Federal Credit Union accepts Direct Deposit from employer payrolls, federal payments such as Social Security, Veterans Administration, military payroll, civil service and others.

      Members can also have their funds direct deposited and automatically disbursed to pay credit union loans, or deposit to other various accounts the member may have with the credit union.

    • What is Courtesy Pay?

      Courtesy Pay is a noncontractual overdraft protection service that we may offer to our members with eligible share draft (checking) accounts. As long as you maintain your account in good standing, we may cover insufficient fund items up to your approved $400 Courtesy Pay limit. We will charge our $29.00 overdraft fee and send you a notice when an overdraft occurs. You are required to bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days.

  • Payroll Deduction
    • Walker County Federal Credit Union has Payroll Deduction arrangements with many Walker County employers. If eligible, members can use Payroll Deduction to automatically perform savings deposits, IRA deposits, loan payments, or other transactions automatically each pay day. The member selects a set amount to be deducted from his/her paycheck each pay day and those funds are automatically forwarded to the credit union by the employer. It's a great way to save painlessly and perform some basic transactions without hassle or delay.

  • ATM Machine
    • A automatic teller machine (ATM) is available at our main location for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and account transfers. If using the credit union's ATM, no ATM service fee is charged to members who use a ATM card or Visa Debit card issued by Walker County Federal Credit Union. A $2.00 service fee is charged to anyone using a ATM card or Debit card that is not issued by Walker County Federal Credit Union.

  • Visa® Check Card
    • VISA Debit Card is both an ATM card and a Debit card. It can be used as an ATM Card for cash withdrawals from ATM machines around town or around the world, AND as a Debit Card for purchases at more than 11 million locations worldwide --- wherever you see the VISA symbol. Our charge is $1.00 per transaction at ATM machines not owned by Walker County Federal Credit Union. There is no charge to you when you use the card as a debit card for purchases.

  • Automatic Transfers and Payments
    • We can automate many of your regular recurring transactions. For example, make loan payments or IRA deposits from your Share Draft or Regular Share account with an automatic transfer. Contact our Member Services Department for assistance.

  • Continuous Transaction Processing
    • Ever been confused or inconvenienced by 2 o'clock transaction cut-off times? You'll never have that problem at Walker County Federal Credit Union. Our tellers process your transactions immediately and your account records are updated at that time. Member service is part of our mission and we want to take the unnecessary confusion and delay out of member financial services.

  • Remote Deposit Capture
      1. Login with the WCFCU App
      2. Select Deposit Check and which account you would like it deposited
      3. Enter check amount
      4. Snap pictures of the front and back of endorsed check.
      5. Select Submit and funds available upon approval.
  • Other Services
    • Members enjoy these additional Credit Union services: teller checks, cashiers checks, funds transfer by wire, and extended lobby hours.